Lotus Professional Cleaning Service LimitedFUMIGATION AND PEST CONTROL

Fumigation is a delicate task which has to be performed by a skilled, reputable professional. With fumigation, a fumigant gas is introduced to eliminate all pests; it may be necessary for the entire building be covered with gas-tight tarpaulins.

Choose Lotus Professional Cleaning Services Limited; we can handle a job of any size!

Our Pest Control Services covers far more than eliminating persistent bugs or removing rodents.

Pest Control – we eradicate all wood destroying, health and nuisance insects such as termites, borer beetles, ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes etc. We also effectively remove rodents and stored product pests such as flour beetles.

Our Fumigation And Pest Control service includes:

✔ Internal Fumigation

✔ External Fumigation

✔ Rodent and Pest Control




commercial-post-construction-cleaning-in- NigeriaLotus Professional Cleaning Services Limited offers post-construction cleaning to commercial and residential customers throughout Nigeria.

This cleaning service is specially designed for property owners that have recently remodeled or built a new property and need to rid their property of the dust and minor debris that is left behind.

Our post construction cleaning service consists of highly trained cleaners who are extremely familiar with the needs and requirements of this unique and detailed cleaning service.

Post construction cleaning services require the proper cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure the highest quality of work. It includes:

✔ Removal of paint stains on floor

✔ Stripping of concrete stains

✔ Scrubbing , Polishing and Buffing of floor

✔ Comprehensive Toilet Cleaning

✔ Application of sheen on all knobs


Lotus Professional Cleaning Service Limited. Lagos, Nigeria, Africa construction site Cleanup, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Fumigation, pest controlFLOOR MAINTENANCE AND RESTORATION

Even in the most cautious of homes and businesses, accidental damage such as scratches, stains and scrapes occur to floor surfaces. Wood flooring, and indeed, any type of hard flooring, need caring for to ensure that they continue to look beautiful and lasts for years to come.

We are proficient when it comes to professional floor cleaning, restoration and maintenance.

Fully trained and qualified, we clean, restore and maintain all types of hard floors – wood, stone, marble, etc. We can offer specialist advice on the types of coating and treatments available to keep floors looking as good as new.

Lotus Professional Cleaning Services Limited can help with:

✔ Refurbishing floor surfaces

✔ Removing scratches, scuffs and scrapes

✔ Removing stains and odours

✔ Applying protective sealants

✔ Ongoing cleaning and maintenance

✔ Advice and aftercare support

Lotus Professional Cleaning Services Limited can help keep your floors in great condition.



Pest Control Nigeria cleaning services Lotus Professional Cleaning Service Limited. Lagos, Nigeria, Africa, USA, U.K, Business Office Cleaning building maintenance solutions clean


When selecting Lotus Professional Cleaning Services Limited for your cleaning/janitorial needs, you can rest assured that our employees are carefully screened to ensure that only highly qualified, trustworthy professionals are on your premises.

We want to help you maintain and protect property function, aesthetics and value, as well as the health, safety and well-being of your employees, tenants, clients and visitors. From routine interior janitorial maintenance, to exterior grounds services and overall janitorial services, we are passionate about helping you maintain a pristine environment. Our janitorial services include daily or periodic office, premises and general cleaning.



Industrial Cleaning. Nigeria cleaning services Lotus Professional Cleaning Service Limited. Lagos, Nigeria, Africa, USA, U.K, Business Office Cleaning building maintenance...


We clean every type of building facade material using only the best equipment, staff and techniques.

We wash, blast and scrub all surfaces to remove dust, dirt, grease, grime, algae, mildew, mould, marker pens, paint and other filth.

We clean cladding, roofs, sky-lights, canopies, fascias, gutters, pipe work, drains, signs, paving and parking areas.

We wash all surfaces, remove moss, weeds, litter and other debris, clean and unblock guttering, pipes and drains and erase chewing gum, oil stains, diesel spills and tyre and graffiti marks.

Other services include:

✔ De-greasing of floor

✔ Graffiti removal

✔ Paint Stripping

✔ Building facade cleaning